Hooks for Heroes (DAV)

Hooks for Heroes is our program that serves the wounded warriors, disabled veterans, and First Responders. It is open to any retired or active duty heroes, their families, and caretakers.

We owe these people a debt... and a Thank you for all they have given and currently are giving to protect our freedom.
We do not support any one political view but we understand that these service members have taken an oath to serve our country and whatever our leaders decide they do without hesitation.

Our first responders serve us daily and I do not think there is anyone who will challenge that!
They see things and experience things much like the military but right here at home.

Both of these groups could use a break once in a while

We have facilities and tools to serve our wounded warriors even a curriculum to teach them how to fly fish using only one arm or from a seated position.

Fly fishing can be a welcome break from PTSD, active duty life, or learning how to recover and build a normal life after an injury.

Simply email Tony the President to schedule your adventure or to nominate a hero that could use our help
It is free of charge

We also love to put their stories on our FaceBook page

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