About us

Get Them Hooked is a non profit company dedicated to enriching the lives of disadvantaged children and those dedicated to their care by introducing them to different outdoor activities such as Fly fishing, hiking, and excercise programs. They are encouraged to complete an initial instruction and further their participation in the activities through a series of awards and achievement patches to show their accomplishments.

Fly Fishing
In the fly fishing program each participant receives their own fly rod and fishing vest they can display their achievement patches on their vest and hang the achievement award on their wall.
The children can write about their adventures by contacting our mascot Fondo the Fish and telling him of their adventures and even have their pictures posted for their friends to see on our Facebook page.

Hiking/ Excercise
The hiking and excercise program will be a similar program to the fly fishing but each participant will receive a hiking bag and survival gear. The accomplishment patches will be replaced with achievement charms to hang on their bag 

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