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Imagine being 9 years old feeling alone. When you are suddenly given a place to land and introduced to people who truly care about you and want to help you succeed in life even if it seems as if it is against all odds. Maybe you don't understand what is going on or what will happen next but you know you miss your family  or maybe you are just relieved to be away from the madness which was your life up until this point.

These are the cards that many children have been dealt in life. These children are placed in foster group homes, and given a safe place to live, be educated and grow. Some show up with nothing more than the clothes on their back. They must try and overcome their past and still try and capture what is the greatest gift we were all given..Our childhood.

Get them Hooked gives these children a chance to learn an art that many of us wish we knew how to perfect, they get to learn the art of Flyfishing.

Through the program the children and their houseparents learn the techniques to start a lifelong love of the outdoors with basic instruction on the techniques of fly fishing, outdoor education and appreciation of all the gifts that mother nature has given us. With ongoing goals and achievement patches they can earn by tying their first fly, catching their first fish, or teaching someone else how to fly fish, the children are continually given a positive sense of accomplishment.

Each Child and houseparent is given their own fly rod and fishing vest to continue the art, show their accomplishments, and hopefully one day teach and pass on to someone else. The education they are given of the outdoors is something no one can take from them and an important brick in the foundation of their lives.

Please help us in supporting a positive experience for these children by donating to the program by clicking the link below.

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